We are not picky.

We are not picky.
November 26, 2012 BrightFlow Technologies

Are you wasting your trash?  Believe it or not, many companies are throwing away money on the disposal of plastic materials, especially material with monetary value.

The reality is that many of your plastic materials are valuable to recyclers.  Not only does recycling reduce your disposal expenses, it could even increase your revenue.

At Syncot, we believe in creating a cyclical inventory that not only adds to your bottom line, but also establishes a long-lasting relationship that can be mutually beneficial.

And unlike some companies who only want one or two types of material, we can handle almost any material, and we can collect it all on the same truck at the same time.

That means you’ll eliminate the need for multiple disposal companies and regain precious warehouse space that was formerly allocated for waste storage.

In fact, trailers can be spotted at your place of business to free up even more warehouse space.

Give Syncot a call today.  We’ll setup an on-site visit to your facility, analyze your waste stream, and help you determine which recycling plan best fits your needs.