Toll Process

For companies interested in setting up a closed loop recycling program, Syncot will develop a program to collect the company’s waste scrap and process the material into re-usable pellets.

Scrap Collection

Whether it’s providing on site trailers, bulk dumpsters, or Gaylord boxes, Syncot will develop a program to save time and precious warehouse space so you can focus on what you do best.  Leave the trash to us.

Trading Grades

Many years of experience in the plastics industry has allowed us to forge hundreds of relationships with other recyclers, manufacturers, and plastics traders. Even if we’re unable to reprocess your plastic at our plant, chances are we’ll be able to find a home for your waste.

On-Site Truck Scales

Every truck that arrives at Syncot is scaled heavy and empty to ensure that our customers aren’t overcharged and our suppliers aren’t undercharged.