Save some green.

Save some green.
November 26, 2012 BrightFlow Technologies

At SynCot, we understand that price and service are just as important as quality.  That’s precisely why we’ve spent the last 12 years cultivating cost-effective business relationships based around the individual needs of our customers.

Our products are always quality checked against initial samples.  In addition, samples are retained from previous loads to ensure that the material you receive meets your expectations.

Thanks to our advanced inventory system, SynCot will make sure the highest quality materials are available and delivered exactly when you need them.  By having a standing inventory, we’re usually able to accommodate the quickest turnaround orders.

As for customization, we can deliver less-than-truckload quantities of several different materials on the same truck every month, if that’s what you need.

Plus, purchasing recycled materials helps save the kind of green that doesn’t grow on trees.

Call SynCot today and we’ll schedule a customized assessment session.  Together with our personnel, we will identify the recycled materials best suited for your applications and budget.